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“Lira likes: Heaven & Hill – Eva Hillered, singer-songwriter with gold weathering”

“Hillereds warm country voice holds seriousness, humor and healthy self-distance. Her album is a hit, catchy, straight, honest, earthy, heart-warming and commendably varied. The recognition factor is high and favorite songs are Carousel and Stars on the snow. It feels like Eva Hillered found a home in country blues, and with her genuine personal expression she could never get into the trivial mainstream road of the genre.”

Lira, Swedish music magazine

”Heaven & Hill is Eva Hillered´s seventh solo album, twelve songs performed with instinctive feel, knowledge and strong conviction how it is supposed to sound. Eva Hillered´s voice is weightless, and behind her Andreas Tengblad plays brilliant on all the instruments he takes in his hands – guitarrs, banjo, base, cello, keyboard. Heaven & Hill is a delicate wonder in a genre where many fight to get attention. All light on Eva Hillered, please!”

Värmlands Folkblad, Swedish daily newspaper

BIOGRAPHY – Eva Hillered

EVA HILLERED is a Swedish, Grammis nominated, recording and touring singer-songwriter. Eva is best known for her unique voice that boasts a deep soulfulness, coming from the need of expressing herself in songwriting from a very early age. She lives in Stockholm and has made eight solo albums. She tours in Scandinavia, USA, and Germany. Her influences are singer-songwriters as Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Emmylou Harris, Eva Dahlgren (Sweden) and Anne-Grete Preus (Norway).

”Eva Hillered is a Swedish singer-songwriter that does something very brave and unusual, she goes her own way. The result has been a constant development since her debute in 1988.” (Allas magazine)

”Eva Hillered has got one of the best voices in Sweden right now. She integrates delicately her singer-songwriter esthetics with impulses from folk music and country.” (Magnus Eriksson, Rootsy).

The new album New Me is a tribute to the healing power of music and can be placed musically in folk/americana genre. It includes her own songs, as well as co-writes with established writers from Iceland, Denmark, and USA.

”My love for music, writing and performing my own songs, has kept me on the track over the years, despite an chronic disease that I suffer from,” says Eva. ”As a teenager I got diabetes, and it felt as if my life had ended. I was very self destructive for many years, refused to accept my disease that felt like a prison. Then suddenly songs began to come to me, they became my light and my rescue, and made me feel a joy and meaning with my life, despite all the demanding blood checks and routines.”


1988: ”Inte varför – utan hur” (Record Station). Produced by Eva Dahlgren & Anne-Grete Preus, the debute album became a big success and was nominated för a Swedish Grammis Award.

1990: ”Stråets längd” (Record Station), produced by Jonas Isacsson, guitar player in the world-wide known band Roxette.

1995: ”Jag vet” (Diva), produced by Lasse Englund.

1996: ”Öppningsskedet”. Eva composed and recorded the music and for a theater play with the same name.

2001: ”Fehling & Hillered” (Musicano). A live album together with Annika Fehling

2004: ”Hjärtats röda mening” (Hawk Records). Produced by Göran Eriksson & Eva Hillered

2005: “Life Line” ( Hill Songs.). Produced by Göran Eriksson& Eva Hillered

2008: “Hill Songs” (Hill Songs). Produced by Coste Apetrea

2011: “Heaven & Hill” (Hill Songs). Produced by Andreas Tengbladh & Eva Hillered

2014: ” True North”. EP with Eva Hillered, Janni Littlepage (USA) and Patrick Rydman, produced by Patrick Rydman.

2018: ”New Me” (Hill Songs). Produced by Peter Sund (DK) & Eva Hillered.

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