Lyrics & Music: Eva Hillered/Sean Millar

Everybody wants me cause I´m perfect

Don´t you see now

Got the looks I ´ve got the brains

I have nothing to loose here but my chains

Don ´t ask me how I do it

There was really nothing to it

Just stopped pretending not to know it

Because I knew it

I ´m perfect, I can´t help it

I was born this way

Everytime I see myself

I smile and I say

I ´m perfect

In my own way

Every time we meet, I see the envy in your eyes

Cause I have left that teenage dream

of beuaty and fame, everything you try to be

I  lost the race you won

Funny, I am the happy one

I ´m perfect, and its natural

I was born this way

every time you look at me

you smile and you say, Your perfect

I used to worrie,

I used to doubt

But now I can´t remember

what the fuzz was all about

I ´m perfect, I can´t help it….

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