Eva Hillered/Dana Cooper

As a little girl she tried so hard to please them

Singing every note right on key

Trying to be strong there for everyone in need

Saying you can lean on me

I am your backup girl

Out to save the world

Undiscovered pearl

Your backup girl

She grew up and saw a stranger in the mirror

A young woman she would like to get to know

The pretty little dress didn´t fit her like before

She said I can see I am so much more

Than a backup girl

Part of this world

Not just a string of pearls

More than a backup

Wanna sing every line 

not just the chorus

Stop tiptoeing behind

Wanna be the tallest tree in the forest

Wanna step  out in the light

Let me shine

Let me shine

I am not backup girl

 I am gonna change the world

Bright and shiny pearl

More than a backup girl

I am here to change the world

Let my flag unfurl

More than a backup girl

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